When private or municipal actions that involve zoning fall within buffers of certain legislated geographic features, the action must be referred to Dutchess County Planning & Development for review (NYS GML #239 L&M). This tool helps identify which actions will require referral, based on the action's location.

Getting Started

zoom_in Use the searchbar or zoom in with your mouse wheel or +/- buttons to find your area of interest. Use the searchbar or pan and zoom with your fingers to find your area of interest. ads_click Click on a parcel of interest. touch_app Tap on a parcel of interest. plagiarism The program will automatically search for any determinants for the selected parcel. After searching, a message button will appear listing the number of determinants. Tap on it to access relevant forms and information.

Active Determinants

Parcel Access Link

Clicking on the above link will open Parcel Access with the selected parcel highlighted.

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