Parcel Mapping - ParcelAccess

First Time Users:
We encourage first time users to scan the HELP section after launching ParcelAccess to maximize your effectiveness in using this application.

1. The data are the Final Rolls for 2022.

2. The aerial photos are from the Spring of 2020.

What's New:

Show wetland and floodplain layers

Switch between aerial and terrain basemaps

Measure Areas and Lengths

Customize Map Printouts

Acknowledgments: ParcelAccess is possible because of the efforts and cooperation between many local and County departments.
  • Parcel Outlines and Dimensions are from the Dutchess County Real Property Tax Service Agency;
  • Parcel data and structure photos are from the Municipal Assessors;
  • Filed Maps are from the Dutchess County Clerk's Office;
  • Well Reports are from the Dutchess County Department of Health;
  • GIS Mapping application was developed by the Dutchess County Office of Central and Information Services.