Exemptions from Property Tax
Partial and full exemptions from property tax are available to qualifying property owners. Some of the most common exemptions are for veterans, low income senior citizens, owners of agricultural property, and non-profit educational, religious and charitable organizations. The State funded School Tax Relief Program (STAR) is available to all homeowners, provided it is their primary residence. Local governments and schools have the right to choose, in many cases, whether or not to allow certain exemptions authorized by state law. Some of these 'local option' exemptions further allow the taxing jurisdictions to impose limitations of these exemptions. To learn more about local options in effect in Dutchess County taxing jurisdictions

Detailed information and forms on exemptions   are provided on the NYS Office of Real Property Services Website. The State organizes their forms by number. Some of the most common include:
  • Agricultural (RP 305's)
  • School Taxes (RP 425's)
  • Senior Citizens (RP 467's)
  • Veterans (RP 458's)